Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Bug

 It is officially February and I absolutely adore this month! I just love the colors, the whole celebrating that you are loved thing and pretty much everything that has to do with this month.

 I am obsessing over anything red at the moment ( I think it might be a tiny withdrawal from not having red hair anymore:) 

 I have been keeping my eyes on all of these things and do believe I absolutely need them in my life right now (especially this month)

 I am absolutely obsessed with patterned anything right now! Especially anything with hearts just like the Long Sleeve Heart Flippy Dress from Topshop.

 I have been a four eyes ever since I was 4 and I remember being grumpy and annoying about not wanting to use my glasses. However, now all that has changed and I love to wear my glasses and I have developed quite an obsession over them if I must admit.I buy so many glasses each year it is purely ridiculous I think I might be turning into a glasses hoarder but, I just can not help it. This month I have my eyes on a particular frame and those are the Ray-Ban red glasses which look like your typical wayfarer model, I currently have similar glasses to these but in the color black. I have been wanting a red pair of glasses for ages.

 I am not a fan of comic books however, I adore the Archie comics especially the Betty and Veronica series. So it was no surprise I would be excited for the new MAC collection revolving around this series, after taking a glimpse at the collection there is only one thing I want and that is the Veronica Lipstick in Ronnie Red.( I would buy other products from the collection but that would be simply for the packaging because it is absolutely gorgeous) 

 Last but not least I have been really loving the whole fringe phenomena it seems like everybody is getting them chopped off including the first lady of the US. Now myself I have been wanting to get my fringe cut as well however, I am going through the dilemma I always do before a hair change should I cut it? or no? I just don't know if I am 100% sure of wanting them and I know from experience growing them out is no fun.