Thursday, November 15, 2012

go from jet black to red hair in one day

                Before                                                                            After

I have been a red head for about 6 months now, and while I love it I have decided it is time for a change. But, before I do so I want to share all the information on how I went from jet black hair to red all in one day.

Before my red hair I had dyed my hair the darkest of the darkest colors jet black, this is my favorite hair color and I always find myself going back to it. Eventhough I always regret it because it is ridicuolously hard to remove the black hair dye and it always leaves a nasty orange tint to the hair. However, that did not stop me from going red.

The first thing I did was strip the black out of my hair, before trying the product I am about to talk about I tried another product called color oops, and it did nothing other than stink my whole house up. After that I decided to go with the Loreal hair color remover this product said it would complety remove any permanent hair dye and it would leave it ready to throw on the  desired hair dye afterwards. I covered all of my hair with the color remover leaving the roots out, because it will lift your roots up lighter than the rest of your hair even though your roots have no color. I left it on for about 20 minutes just until it started to look orange, I washed it off and let my hair air dry.

Now came the fun part after my hair was completely dry I used Loreal Excellence HiColor Highligts for dark hair in Magenta, I know it says for highlights but I used it all over my hair I mixed it with a 30 developer left that on for about 30 minutes and voila! Instant red hair with out having to go to a salon all in one day.

I found the hardest part of red hair was not getting it from black to red, but mantaining it. As I am sure many of y'all know it is extremely hard to keep up with the red hair. The red hair will start fading literally with the first wash, so with that being said LIMIT the hair washes. I myself happened to struggle with this I know it is healthier for your hair not to wash it so much, but I just can't help it( but for the sake of my red hair I had to suck it up). Purchase a good dry shampoo this will be your new bff I always switch mine out I have tried some from dove and tresemme and to be honest they work the same. I also would recommend a hair perfume just to spray on after the dry shampoo when going out and such, if you are like me and hate having unwashed hair this will help, my favorite one to use is the Pink Sugar hair perfume.

For touch ups do not used the same red hair dye from Loreal, learn from my mistakes it will damage your hair. I did not know what hair dye to use to mantain the vibrant red so I would touch up with the same red hair dye from Loreal. Now you can imagine what happened to my hair after dying it each month with this hair dye. Since it is a color that lifts and mixed with developer if used frequently it will damage your hair. After I started seeing the effects it was having on my hair I decided to do my research and look for a red hair dye that would not keep damaging my hair. Luckily I found the brand Pravana this brand is absolutely amazing it works wonders with your hair. The only con about it is that it is only sold to people with cosmetology liscense I of course do not have one however, I managed to get my hands on it via a website. A website which I am not going to state because I do not recommend ordering from that site I went through a nightmare with my order but that is a whole another story. The best way to get your hands on this dye would be through a friend or family member with a cosmetology liscense or going to a salon which, uses this hair dye. The color I used was red and magenta I mixed both because I like my red to have more of a pink undertone as opposed to an orange undertone.I used 4 tubes: 2 red & 2 magentas mixed, as I do have long thick hair. 

If you are going to dye hair extensions red you will need a dark blonde or strawberry blonde hair color. Do not use platinum, yes I did use platinum extensions and it was a nightmare to try to get them red. If you use platinum extensions they will turn hot pink.

Lastly just some little details, this hair color requires confidence it is a complete attention grabber. People will come up to you and ask you about your hair everyday, some people will even want to touch your hair, and people will stare. However, it will be good attention I have received nothing but compliments and good feedback from people (just keep that in mind ;)