Sunday, January 4, 2015

1989 and baking

Ello mates!

This holiday season has been hectic and as much as I do love the holidays I'm glad its over. & not because I was being a grinch this season, just because I was taking a 3 week course which made it impossible for me to do any thing else but school work and was not able to fully enjoy the holidays. 

Since I did finish my class this week I decided to spend my saturday night jamming out to 1989 and baking some frosted animal sugar cookies to celebrate.

hope everyone one had an amazing holiday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

no school or work+ no one really to hang out with = perfect recipe for sugar cookies

Well Hello there world! 

Haven't been on this thing for ages, to be quite honest I just lost a bit of interest in blogging and reading blogs. BUT after ages and millions of youtube videos I am back, there is just something about reading blogs and looking at pictures that fascinates and at the same time relaxes me. Even if nobody actually really reads my blog, it feels nice having a little tiny space in the internet to place my thoughts into.

Here is a bit of baking I did late at night, since I am currently on a mini vacation from work and school, I guess no school or work+ no one really to hang out with = perfect recipe for sugar cookies.

I am thrilled to be back :)   

Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Favorites

Im usually not a big candle buyer however, this season bath and body works has just been hitting the ball park with their holiday candles. Im a big fan of anything that smells like cake, sugar, candy or pretty much anything that reeks and oozes sweetness.

They all smell amazing however, my favorite of the bunch would have to be mint chocolate, it just smells so good! It literally smells just like an Andes chocolate.

The red velvet candles smells delish! (Im trying to save that one up for February)

& the merry cookie oh my gosh! Is just like a sugar dream full of cotton candy clouds! If this candles were edible I would have devoured them by now.

So if you are like me and just love the stinky smell of sugar and are still able to get your hands on one of these candles,I would do so asap!) Before they are taken completely of the shelfs until next holiday. 

Continuing with the sweetness galore, I feel like Bath and Body Works really nailed it this year with their Vanilla Bean Noel collection. This is my first time purchasing, and I have read some reviews on it on how they reformulated the collection and how many people weren't big fans of the change. 

I however, L O V E it! It literally smells as if you were to have spent your whole day baking sugar cookies. The scent is powerful and lasting, I always have people around me commenting on how good it smells, and asking if anybody is baking cookies ;)

Im usually a normal skin type of gal however, in the winter holy moly does my skin get dry. & this winter I feel like my skin has been drier than ever it literally feels like I have a drought on my face. 

This is a nightmare especially when applying foundation, because my skin just peels right off. So I have been trying to use really hydrating products to prevent my face from falling off. 

I remembered I had this product, now this product was one of those that you buy and then forget you had them.However, after digging in my make up drawers I rediscovered it and decided to give t a second try. & oh my goodness do I love it, I like mixing it with my foundation or using it as highlight (but mainly mixing it with my foundation) It gives your skin an amazing glow, its just like if you were to mix a rainbow in with your foundation thats how I can sort of describe the glow. Now I'm not saying you literally look like a rainbow its just has like this prism multi colored glow. I really do not know how to explain it but trust me it's so amazin. 

These next favorites will totally contradict my last favorite, & it is the MAC matte lipsticks in Diva and Ruby Woo. I really have been into matte lipsticks for some odd reason, which makes no sense with my over all dry skin I know but I just can't help it the struggle is real:). 

I just feel like both of these are the perfect colors for winter, and both look so glam when you wear them(they make you look like you really tried on those days, that you really didn't try or cared to look acceptable)

Im usually a big fan of comfy oversized pretty much anything, and this month was no exception if anything it was an encouragement. I have been wearing this Genius Forever21 sweater pretty much all the time ever since I bought it. It is just so,so comfy it is oversized big time so I suggest ordering your normal size no need to order a size up for extra bagginess. The color is amazing and the word Genius on it just adds to the cuteness. 

Last but not least my most favorite item of the month. Is this peter pan collar polka dotted dress from Zara, I absolutely adore this dress I have over worn it and plan to keep on over wearing it though out the winter season. You all know that I love me some peter pan collars and baggy clothes now combine these two and you get this magical dress. 

This dress is amazing especially when going to dinner parties as it is loose you can definitely score in some extra cookies without feeling like you are going to explode :)

& it has a peter pan collar, need I say more?

So that is it for my December favorites, I hope you all enjoyed taking a look over them, and once again Happy New Year to you all and I hope this year brings nothing but happiness to you all!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

I wanted to give a glimpse of my christmas decorations in my room. This year I opted for a winter candy wonderland type of theme. Included is also my favorite candle at the moment which, is the mint chocolate it smells soo good!

 I hope y'all have a merry christmas and happy new year!
xoxo Jess 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha

Here is a christmassy recipe! (the coffee and milk can be modified to choice, pretty much anything can be) Enjoy!! & Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I ♥ David & Goliath

Ever since I discovered David & Goliath I have been obsessed! Any time I see anything of them I automatically want & need in my life for some odd reason. I really cannot explain why, other than all their stuff is ridiculously cute. 

There is no store close to me which carries their hoodies, so I had to order them online off of Here is where I ordered my all time favorite hoodie the I ♥ nerds and also my I ♥ cupcakes. They are a little on the pricey side but I think the cuteness of these sweaters make up for it.

Recently I found a store in the mall which started carrying all their t-shirts and yes I have gone mad I want them all ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Favorites

1) Favorite Snack of the Month: Is Pirate's Booty, I absolutely love these chips! (or whatever they are ). If popcorn and cheese-puffs had a baby I feel it would be Pirate's Booty, they are just sooo crunchy,puffy and yummy! (it's a must try)!

2) Favorite Top of the Month: Forever 21 heart shaped sweater

3) Favorite Mascara of the Month:This next favorite I discovered it at the very beginning of the month, and since I applied that first coat of mascara I was in LOVE! It is the Loreal voluminous false lashes mascara, this mascara is amazing for lengthening and adding volume. I like to use it as my second layer mascara, since I do have quite thin and straight lashes and this mascara just adds that extra fattening my lashes are missing.

4) Favorite Lip Product of the Month: I do not know why in the world it took me so long to try the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Glosses before OMG! They are amazing! Love them! This is the perfect lip for everyday, especially if you are one (like myself) to feel your look is not complete without lipstick but, feel lipstick is too much for everyday life. They come in a bunch of amazing colors. Mine is in the color Ruby Twist 245 

5) Favorite song of the month: Bruno Mars: When I was your man

6) Favorite Show of the Month: Carrie Diaries OMG! this show is ridiculously good, if you are a fan of Sex and the City then this show is a must in your DVR. Its about young Carries life before the whole Mr.Big drama and before she meet her amazing best friends Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. I just love everything about this show the cast, the wardrobe, the 80's ughh its just,y'all 
just need to watch it trust me ;) 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Bug

 It is officially February and I absolutely adore this month! I just love the colors, the whole celebrating that you are loved thing and pretty much everything that has to do with this month.

 I am obsessing over anything red at the moment ( I think it might be a tiny withdrawal from not having red hair anymore:) 

 I have been keeping my eyes on all of these things and do believe I absolutely need them in my life right now (especially this month)

 I am absolutely obsessed with patterned anything right now! Especially anything with hearts just like the Long Sleeve Heart Flippy Dress from Topshop.

 I have been a four eyes ever since I was 4 and I remember being grumpy and annoying about not wanting to use my glasses. However, now all that has changed and I love to wear my glasses and I have developed quite an obsession over them if I must admit.I buy so many glasses each year it is purely ridiculous I think I might be turning into a glasses hoarder but, I just can not help it. This month I have my eyes on a particular frame and those are the Ray-Ban red glasses which look like your typical wayfarer model, I currently have similar glasses to these but in the color black. I have been wanting a red pair of glasses for ages.

 I am not a fan of comic books however, I adore the Archie comics especially the Betty and Veronica series. So it was no surprise I would be excited for the new MAC collection revolving around this series, after taking a glimpse at the collection there is only one thing I want and that is the Veronica Lipstick in Ronnie Red.( I would buy other products from the collection but that would be simply for the packaging because it is absolutely gorgeous) 

 Last but not least I have been really loving the whole fringe phenomena it seems like everybody is getting them chopped off including the first lady of the US. Now myself I have been wanting to get my fringe cut as well however, I am going through the dilemma I always do before a hair change should I cut it? or no? I just don't know if I am 100% sure of wanting them and I know from experience growing them out is no fun.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Foundation Routine

I tend to have a difficult time finding the perfect foundation that will match my skin tone. I usually go for the lightest in every brand of foundation however, 9 out of 10 times I find they are either to yellow or pink. I have tried pretty much every foundation out there from drug store to higher brand, and the foundation I have found that does the job for me so far is the Make Up Forever HD foundation in 110.( still don't feel like it is the perfect foundation for me however like I said it gets the job done for me)

Here is what I do for my foundation routine.

1 I prep my face I put on my SPF and primer.
2 After that I cover my terrible raccoon eyes and any blemishes I might have with my absolute favorite concealer Kat Von D in the color porcelain with my sephora air brush concealer brush.
3Then I add my Make Up Forever HD Foundation in #110 with my sephora airbrush foundation brush.
4 To prevent my face from sliding off :) I use my absolute super duper favorite of all time I seriously lve this product, I cannot live without it I will probably buy this for the rest of my life. It is the MAC skin finish natural in light, I just use my big sigma kabuki brush and apply it to all over my face, after that I go in with a sponge and take a little of the skin finish and set my make up in areas of my face that I cannot get to with my brush like under my eyes and the creases on the side of the nose.

And voila! Perfect skin!