Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Favorites

Im usually not a big candle buyer however, this season bath and body works has just been hitting the ball park with their holiday candles. Im a big fan of anything that smells like cake, sugar, candy or pretty much anything that reeks and oozes sweetness.

They all smell amazing however, my favorite of the bunch would have to be mint chocolate, it just smells so good! It literally smells just like an Andes chocolate.

The red velvet candles smells delish! (Im trying to save that one up for February)

& the merry cookie oh my gosh! Is just like a sugar dream full of cotton candy clouds! If this candles were edible I would have devoured them by now.

So if you are like me and just love the stinky smell of sugar and are still able to get your hands on one of these candles,I would do so asap!) Before they are taken completely of the shelfs until next holiday. 

Continuing with the sweetness galore, I feel like Bath and Body Works really nailed it this year with their Vanilla Bean Noel collection. This is my first time purchasing, and I have read some reviews on it on how they reformulated the collection and how many people weren't big fans of the change. 

I however, L O V E it! It literally smells as if you were to have spent your whole day baking sugar cookies. The scent is powerful and lasting, I always have people around me commenting on how good it smells, and asking if anybody is baking cookies ;)

Im usually a normal skin type of gal however, in the winter holy moly does my skin get dry. & this winter I feel like my skin has been drier than ever it literally feels like I have a drought on my face. 

This is a nightmare especially when applying foundation, because my skin just peels right off. So I have been trying to use really hydrating products to prevent my face from falling off. 

I remembered I had this product, now this product was one of those that you buy and then forget you had them.However, after digging in my make up drawers I rediscovered it and decided to give t a second try. & oh my goodness do I love it, I like mixing it with my foundation or using it as highlight (but mainly mixing it with my foundation) It gives your skin an amazing glow, its just like if you were to mix a rainbow in with your foundation thats how I can sort of describe the glow. Now I'm not saying you literally look like a rainbow its just has like this prism multi colored glow. I really do not know how to explain it but trust me it's so amazin. 

These next favorites will totally contradict my last favorite, & it is the MAC matte lipsticks in Diva and Ruby Woo. I really have been into matte lipsticks for some odd reason, which makes no sense with my over all dry skin I know but I just can't help it the struggle is real:). 

I just feel like both of these are the perfect colors for winter, and both look so glam when you wear them(they make you look like you really tried on those days, that you really didn't try or cared to look acceptable)

Im usually a big fan of comfy oversized pretty much anything, and this month was no exception if anything it was an encouragement. I have been wearing this Genius Forever21 sweater pretty much all the time ever since I bought it. It is just so,so comfy it is oversized big time so I suggest ordering your normal size no need to order a size up for extra bagginess. The color is amazing and the word Genius on it just adds to the cuteness. 

Last but not least my most favorite item of the month. Is this peter pan collar polka dotted dress from Zara, I absolutely adore this dress I have over worn it and plan to keep on over wearing it though out the winter season. You all know that I love me some peter pan collars and baggy clothes now combine these two and you get this magical dress. 

This dress is amazing especially when going to dinner parties as it is loose you can definitely score in some extra cookies without feeling like you are going to explode :)

& it has a peter pan collar, need I say more?

So that is it for my December favorites, I hope you all enjoyed taking a look over them, and once again Happy New Year to you all and I hope this year brings nothing but happiness to you all!

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