Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Jessica im 18 im a college working part time. I have convinced my self you stop growing until your 40 (im 5ft). Im from a very small "city" where the most exciting thing that to do is go out for frozen yogurt yum(: Im a sophomore in college, studying for what? I have no idea I kind of had the tought that by now I would have my mind made up about what I was going to be in life, but I dont at least not academically speaking. If you were to ask me what I really want to do in life .... I have big dreams and I believe they deserve their own post(: I believe adding smiley faces to your words, give your words emotion :D. I am a youtube beauty videos addict. Art, music, fashion , and make up make me happy! What makes me more happy is you reading my blog(: I really hope once your read my blog you will continue to read it , here I will ramble about the things that make me happy:)

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