Saturday, April 2, 2011

someday summary: saturday

 I have decided to start these someday summary post although usually they are on sunday's but I just can not commit to assign this post to only Sunday. So ill just have it as someday summary whatever day of the week I decide to post this up.
 I really need to get this blog up and going, I started my blog with the intention of it being beauty and fashion related. I was leaning more for fashion blog with pictures of my inspiration for outfits, post of outfits of the days, and any thing else which falls in the fashion category and of course incorporate as well a little bit of beauty. However this has just been a complete epic fail. I have had zero outfit of the day post. I really need to find my camera charger if I am seriously wanting to liven up my blog, and I need to get off the gym clothes and into more appropriate clothes for outfits of the day post.
 These past couple of days my everyday outfit has just been your typical old high school t-shirt of whatever organization you were in when in high school, yoga pants, and my running shoes. Truly a yawn! I have not been motivated at all in getting out of these clothes. My reasons for my laziness in outfits or better yet the situation I blame for my horrendous unfashionable days I have been living.
 Number one I have been searching for a job for sooo soo soo long and I just can not seem to find one, I mean I have applied everywhere. But, yet no call backs for an interview or anything literally ZERO! This is a truly depressing situation and I feel anybody going trough this situation.
 Second I do not know why or when it was that I just could not keep up with my bio class. I am utterly disappointed in myself with my grade for this class. The grade was just to low for me to even try to bring it up, so I had to drop the course. I can not and will not risk my GPA
♥  On a more happy note I am really loving the weather right now, hopefully it will motivate me to get my feet off my running shoes . Also this week is the release of the new mac collection so we all know where I will be April 7(: .

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