Monday, April 11, 2011

sakura not shakira

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer 
MAC  Pro Longwear Foundation
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light
Tokidoki Luminosa Powder
Smashbox soft lights in Prism
MAC mineralize blush in Sakura
Maybeline XXL PRO curl mascara
Chanel waterproof eyeliner
MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Express

This is a summary of my weekend posted on a monday because it is 3 in the morning which is past 12 which makes it monday already ( soo I guess this is a someday summary:weekend oh and  I really should be sleeping right now I have music class in 3 hours but im ZERO sleepy).

This weekend was quite lovely this is why I decided to include a miny summary of it in this post. As ya'll can see I did stop by MAC for the quite cute collection, and I seriously wanted to buy everything from the collection. Every color just seemed so perfect, I literally stood there starring at the products examining them and thinking to myself okay now your just going to buy 2 products, now pick only 2! The MAC lady did not help at all with my crisis, she insisted on how this was the perfect collection for me and how any color would suit me. I was geez thanks now my decision on which 2 products too buy has multiplied by 100 times harder, this decision was harder than a math test (: Few minutes later I came to my decision I ended up picking the Lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum which is a pink neon matte ,and the mineralize blush in Sakura and I do not know why every time I say the name of this blush I want to say Shakira(:
I can honestly say I am very proud of my picks I absolutely love love love the Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick and Sakura blush. The colors are just simply gorgeous, I wish I would of remembered to do swatches. I totally recommend to go to MAC and purchase them, and fast because I was told at the MAC store. These 2 products were the most popular out of the whole collection and sold out fast, by the time I got there they only had 3 left of the lipstick and 5 of the blush and I was there pretty early.

My saturday was a very lovely day. Im a volunteer and have a class of kinder students every saturday. This saturday was our very last class together, so we had a big party. I stuffed myself with candy and two of the cutest boys from my class gave me flowers and chocolates. I then had a little breakfast reunion with some highschool friends. The pictures are what I wore on Saturday.(please excuse the weird poses still trying to figure out the best way to do this (: )

My sunday was adorable I would say. I spent the whole day at the beach with my boyfriend it was a very lovely windy sunny day which is perfect for a day at the beach. I wish I would of taken pictures of my outfit grrr I totally forgot. Also on our way to the beach we stopped at a gas station, and I noticed on the wall of the gas station some lyrics of Lady Gaga's pokerface I simply could not resist taking a picture of it.

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