Thursday, April 7, 2011

never grow up

(Starring) What is she wearing? Is pretty much the reaction of people where I live when spotting the peter pan trend. I have yet to see somebody where I live rock the peter pan. I guess since the peter pan collar is one of those styles where you either hate it or love it. I myself happen to absolutely LOVE it! I just wish it would be more popular here. Now I don't say it because of the commenting of other people , but because it is just so hard to find this style. 

Lately when I am not being lazy and wearing my running shoes, you will always see my feet in oxfords. I completely love my oxfords in any color  but prefer them at the moment in a brownish color(:

The style of purse I am currently loving is called a satchel I believe. Love love love it! However the color of the purse has to be in the brown family, I don't really like any other color for this purse. I just wish I could afford a Mulberry one.

I have been dying to buy a pair of nude pumps, short girl needs her pumps(: 

I am loving the style of pants which are a bit folded at the bottom, a bit high rise, and baggy of course in any brownish color.

Pretty much the pattern here is the color brown, right now I am really,really loving all colors in the brown scheme especially nude color.

My absolute make up obsession at the moment are the coral lips. I just love  how the coral color screams out spring. Any coral lip stick will work, but I recommend mac's vegas volt it is uuuhhmazing! If y'all have any back to mac definitely consider this color. It's a must for spring(:

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